Privacy policy

Last modified January 11, 2015

Information we collect

Registration is needed to perform most actions on the website; this requires your name and e-mail address.

You are welcome to use a pseudonym, if you prefer — we don't really care. We do verify, however, that your email address actually works.

You may optionally associate your Troves account with other sites or services (e.g., Google, Facebook) to simplify registration, site access, and content sharing. We keep track of such associations, although we don't make them public or post anything to your other accounts except by your request.

As part of registering, you are automatically issued a unique username, which will be publicly viewable on the site if you decide to participate in certain ways (such as leaving comments or editing content). This username is based on the first and last name you supply when you register; however, you are free to change it at any time.

We also collect non-personal information. We use cookies to keep track of your site activity. We also maintain logs of your requests, your IP addresses, and information about the devices you use (e.g., browser version, screen size, etc.).

How we use your information

With the exception of your username, none of your personal information is publicly viewable on the website or shared with third parties, unless by your explicit request.

We may send you email from time to time to update you about important site news or policy changes. Otherwise, email will be sent to you based on your preference settings and subscriptions.

Any non-personal information (such as cookie data) may be provided to third parties for use in analysis, advertising, etc.